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2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Jade Jones Visits Quest Taekwondo Penistone

2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Jade Jones Visits Quest Taekwondo Penistone

2012 Olympic Gold medalist Jade Jones, visited Quest Taekwondo at our Penistone venue on Saturday. The Taekwondo star, who has gained much notoriety since winning Olympic Gold at the age of 19 and subsequently being awarded an MBE in 2013, spent the day coaching Taekwondo athletes of the future. Over 130 participants attended the seminar, with athletes from 21 different clubs from around the country travelling many miles to attend the first seminar that the Olympic star has performed since winning gold in 2012. Jade was accompanied by her coach Paul Green, also a former Olympic athlete, to deliver a dynamic and inspiring seminar to Taekwondo hopefuls of the future.

The day began with a warm-up from Paul Green, including jogging, sprinting, leg control and movement exercises. For the main seminar, much focus was directed to leg control, reaction and covering pad work, and movement. Exercises were demonstrated by both Jade and Paul, both showing their impressive speed and reactive kicking skills.

The final part of the training was sparring practice and rounded up with an exciting Golden Point competition, with everyone cheering on their favourite athletes in the finals.

To round off the day, there was a a summary to ensure that everyone had taken on board what they had learned, followed by a question and answer session. Many questions were asked by the young attendees and we now all know that Jade likes sweeties and something to give her wings on the day of competition, and that she definitely gets paid more than Paul Green!

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