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A Seminar with Olympian Sarah Stevenson MBE

A Seminar with Olympian Sarah Stevenson MBE

Once again Quest Taekwondo had the privilege of welcoming Sarah Stevenson to conduct a Sparring focused seminar - this time hosted by Quest Liverpool. We don’t need to tell anyone who knows Taekwondo about Sarah’s amazing achievements over the last 15 or so years, and all this knowledge and experience is now being passed on to the next generation of Olympic hopefuls. Needless to say, all those who attended had an enjoyable few hours and took the opportunity to learn as much as they could from the UK’s best.

The high regard felt by everyone at Quest Taekwondo, and the Taekwondo community generally, was summed up by Mike McKenzie:

The first time Quest hosted a seminar by Sarah Stevenson MBE was in 2003/4. She was a very young Olympian and a role model to all those training that day. 10 Years later after conquering the world, overcoming personal loss and adversity and as a pioneer of women's Taekwondo, in addition to being an inspirational figure she is now an outstanding coach, leader and communicator. I am very honoured to have witnessed Sarah's career and very proud of her and all she has achieved.

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