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Quest Taekwondo Children’s International Championships Sindelfingen Germany 2013.

Quest Taekwondo Children’s International Championships Sindelfingen Germany 2013.

The snow fell and the wind blew but still our intrepid Children’s team travelled to far off lands to continue a 20 year tradition of taking on the best Kids in Europe to begin their Olympic Quest.

The team consisted of athletes from Quest Bradford and Penistone accompanied by their parents and coached by Mike McKenzie, Oliver Thornton and Natalie Kidd (sadly due to bereavement in the family Rick Simpson wasn’t able to come this time). The team was completed by Esa Timms of Woodhall Spa and referees Paul Timms and Jethro Cooke.

Travelling by Eddie Brown Coaches and ferry the team had time to bond and interact. The Marriott hotel in Sindelfingen was the team hotel providing an excellent base.

The competition the brainchild of Grand Master Park Soo Nam 9th Dan was significant this year as it was a founding event for the newly formed World Children’s Taekwondo Union, an international alliance of clubs and instructors to develop Children’s Taekwondo and the quality of life through international co-operation and communication.

Over two days of competition they came home with a remarkable 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze medals in sparring and 1 Gold medal in patterns (technical demonstration).

  • Luke Jones, 11, GOLD
  • Daniel Sparkes, 11, GOLD
  • Gary Watt, 10, SILVER
  • Zak Spencer, 8, SILVER
  • Daniel Moody, 11, BRONZE
  • Rebecca Weir, 9, BRONZE
  • Liam Burdock, 10, BRONZE
  • Esa Timms 11, BRONZE
  • Adam Cassere, 8 QUARTER FINAL
  • Harry Blundell, 9 QUARTER FINAL
  • Kai Hey, 7 QUARTER FINAL
  • Ellie Bowden, 12 QUARTER FINAL
  • Tyler Sparkes, 10 QUARTER FINAL
  • Shoaib Kesic, 10 QUARTER FINAL
  • Jamie Kidd, 10 QUARTER FINAL
  • Jamie Kidd 10 GOLD - POOMSAE

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